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external image flamingtext_com_1306375866_10970.pngto 9 Barak

9 Barak attended the Space excursion on Wednesday 25th May and represented the college very well. As a part of an ongoing study at the University of NSW, a researcher was present, studying our students' level of participation and skills. She was very impressed with the class and wrote this email immediately after the excursion.

Hi Lance
Thank you so much for taking so much trouble for your students to take part in my research project. I really appreciate it.
Could you also pass on my thanks to the students and tell them how impressed I was with them. They were so supportive of each other and so positive and enthusiastic about their learning.
They are a credit to you.
Thanks again.

Well done 9 Barak.
Mr Jilbert

Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs presents...

Year 9 Team 2011!

Starring... US!

This is our Wikispace for all things Year 9. We can link to everything we've done so far like Linoit and Wishing Wall.
It's very easy to use, all you need to do is sign up and then join this wiki. I'll do a quick PD with everyone if you like or you can check out the online tutorials on here...


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