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Downloading WALL*E from Clickview (at school only)

1. Go to your applications folder in the bottom right hand side of your dock.
2. Click once on the ClickView Player folder.
3. Click on ClickView.app
4. If a dialogue box opens asking, "Where is the ClickView Library Server?" type in
5. Once the library opens, go to the left hand navigation panel and click on THE ARROW next to "ClickView Digital Video Library"
6. Click English
7. Scroll through the titles on the right and RIGHT click on Wall-E.
8. Choose the option, "Add to School Bag"
9. Click Local Data.
10. This may take a while as the library server copies the movie over to your computer as 19 chapters. Delete the movie next term.

To watch it.

1. Open ClickView
2. Go to "File" and "Open School Bag"
3. Click Local Data
4. School Bag will appear in the left navigation panel. Click it.
5. Click Wall-E.
6. Click View Movie.
7. If a dialogue box opens asking to keylog, click always allow.
8. Enjoy.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WALL-E#Themes - Themes for Wall-E, worth a read. Mr J

http://www.newsweek.com/blogs/pop-vox/2009/01/23/mr-oscar-tear-down-this-wall-andrew-stanton-on-how-animated-films-are-pigeonholed-and-how-wall-e-is-every-man.html , from bianca :)
This is a pretty good website for camera angles, kayla

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0910970/trivia - a good lead on some literal and inferred readings in WALL*E.

from chelseaa :)
Here are some bibilical referances i found in class todayy :D

From Kayla :)

SUCH a good website for meanings behind wall-e ! check it out guys. - alex w

Good website for colours used in WALL.E:
from Tijen :)

This is a link that tells us about how EVE was designed, also the full name
From Anthony

This is a link to a good website it talks about wall E and EVE
from wesley ationne

it's an interview with Andrew Stanton about W.A.L.L-E
From Sarah.C

This is a pretty good website :) - Violeta


http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2008/07/03/the-sound-design-of-wall-e/ -sarah.c: it talks about the sound design for W.A.L.L-E

Looking for Alibrandi


We can't stress enough how important it is that students keep up to date with the reading homework. If the class is expected to have read up to chapter 12, then the classwork the next lesson will assume that has been done. We can't work together in class and have quality discussion about characters, relationships and events if there are people in the class that haven't read the chapter and don't know what we're talking about.

Classwork so far.

Character maps were created in the first lesson and we'll be adding to those over the course of the term.
Comic strip summaries have started and are so far up to chapter 7. When our MacBooks arrive, we can utilise a great program called Comic Life to spruce these up a bit.

Grammar work starts Monday.